Forget your office desktops.

Forget managing hardware. Forget worrying about updates. Forget scheduling backups.

Roll out CloudDesk virtual desktops and say goodbye to a ton of headaches. And costs.

You get more with CloudDesk hosted desktops

  • Office 365


  • 8×8

    Gartner-leading telephony

  • Choose

    the apps you want

  • 128 bit


  • 40 GB*

    user storage

  • Back-end

    finally ditch that old
    below-desk server

  • Anti Malware

    keep the users out of trouble

Your users are going to love it.

It’s the Windows they know and love. It just might be running from a Raspberry Pi, a docked phone, or maybe a tablet while out and about.

Even better: all their files are hosted, available everywhere, and super secure.

It’s perfect if you want to run dozens of low-cost devices in an easily scalable workplace.

It’s going to make your life easier.


We manage your users, updates and patches. No more lost mornings while everyone grapples with a new Windows or Java update. Everything’s up to date.

We can put your back-end infrastructure in the cloud too! No hardware management and a chance to break the upgrade cycle? We’re spoiling you.

Got super-sensitive data?

It’s a lead-lined bunker. Automated backups, malware protection and the same 128-bit encryption that your bank uses. Whether your data is in-transit or at rest.

Your data even stays right here in the UK, ensuring that data compliance isn’t a problem.

Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to show you how CloudDesk can work in your environment. 0808 164 0000.

Make your IT easier to manage, cost less, and offer flexible working. Available exclusively from Software Cloud.