Make your IT do more. And your head hurt less.

We’ve spent decades building custom digital solutions for the country’s biggest law firms.

Which means that we understand how the right workflow can make life significantly easier.

Cloud Migration

With bank-grade security and data hosted in the UK, law firms can be completely confident that their workflow is compliant and safe. Not to mention fast, convenient, agile, and resilient.

Got questions about GDPR and working in the Microsoft Cloud? We’d love to talk about it. Give us a call.

Case Management & Workflow

An optimised workflow makes life brilliant. But with tight resources it can be a bit of a pipe dream. Or worse, you end up using expensive in-house legal resource to make small changes.

No problem. From the smallest report change to an on-site Visualfiles specialist, we’ll make it happen for you.


We’re here to get more than you thought possible from your law firm’s IT.

Got a special dev project in mind? Or just a few questions? Drop us a line.