Don’t let your business become another ransomware victim

– especially when the answer’s so easy!

Over the last two years, you’ll have heard all the horror stories about malware threats making it into business networks and wreaking havoc.

Huge ransoms, network-wide infections, global shutdowns and incredible amounts of lost earnings. Not to mention the loss of reputation. Google the likes of WannaCry, Petya and notPetya for a taste of the damage they can do.

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Thanks to the clever guys at Cylance and their incredible Artificial Intelligence threat protection, we can keep you safe from malware that hasn’t even been created yet!

  • No signature files, so it’s never out of date
  • Uses a global machine learning network to identify and stop attempted malicious activity before it can do any damage. It’s 100% predictive, and the future of threat protection
  • It’s based in the cloud, removing burden from your own infrastructure
  • Lock down applications or USB drives automatically as soon as any attack intent is observed
  • Used by everyone from end-users to governments, and every single one of those deployments contributes to making you safer

Get full visibility on your network’s threats:
  • Dissect exactly where and when attacks threats arrived on your network
  • Audit users and USB drives attached to your devices
  • Automatic threat responses give your response team a good night’s sleep
  • The forensics you need to build a comprehensive threat prevention strategy



There may be no such thing as 100% threat detection, but Cylance is by far the most effective layer we’ve seen. And we believe you should be using it too.

To give your business the benefit of Cylance’s unique global AI network, call us now  on 0808 164 0000. Or use the contact form.